Experienced in the manufacturing industry, and having seen the need for certain software solutions first hand, JKG Design produces software to help manufacturing companies from the mindset of a Manufacturing Engineer.

Below is a list of existing solutions. If you have more specific requirements please feel free to contact us.

Stride - The complete quality contol solution

Stride is a quality control solution built specifically to satisfy the requirements of sheet metal and timber profilers. It is the product of industry knowledge, providing a transparent and quantifiable quality management system that helps meet your ISO 9001 requirements. Stride actively improves quality, reduces unnecessary costs and therefore maximises profits.

What's more, Stride has a fresh and unique concept that engages not just your Quality Team, but also the Machine Operators, Shift Managers, Material Handlers, CAD Operators etc. after all it's those employee's that have a physical connection to your quality matters. All of this in a simple package that is quick and easy to deploy, requires minimal training and has an implementation cost that makes it available to any size company.

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